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Our Cranes allow lifting and moving the load, 100% electric, battery operated, able to work 8 hours non-stop.

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The radio-remote controlled forklift cranes are designed to combine the convenience and multi-functionality of the fork with the potential of the hydraulic boom of cranes.

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Radio Remote controlled

The range of radio remote controlled cranes is designed to perform optimal maneuvers in narrow spaces.

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Cabin Cruiser Cranes

The Cabin Cruise range meets the needs of those who want to control the machine directly while maintaining the option to remote control the equipment through radio.

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Lige cabin cruise

The Lige range is made up of electric battery-operated Pick & Carry cranes, designed to guarantee agile and precise performances even in narrow spaces.

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Carry deck Cranes

Their articulated telescopic boom makes them ideal for industrial maintenance projects. Compact and powerful, easy to maneuver, they guarantee very high precision movements.

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Telescopic forklift

Compact and easy to handle, the telescopic forklift is designed to integrate the 8 ton hydraulic fork and the 12 ton max capacity.

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Lifter Cranes

The lifter range features an innovative steering system that guarantees agility, precision and simultaneous movements.