Full Line Relocation

Line relocation movement with robot welders coming from Cleveland Ohio:

  • Rigging was carried out on both the electrical and mechanical ends; disconnection, identification and disassembly of 9 robots together with controllers, bolster tables, work stations, disassembly of the Torit dust collector and ductwork in general.
  • Such movement included traditional rigging, cargo to transport and the import to plant located in Monterrey, N.L.

Assembly of the Line in the Monterrey plant:

  • Transport unloading.
  • For the line’s assembly, we began with the layout to draw centers and have a starting point.
  • Once the layout was completed, the 9 robots were positioned and installed, most of them applying chemicals to their anchorage.
  • Bolster tables, robot controllers and workstations are positioned.
  • Two jib-type Gorbel cranes are installed on this line, on which a special foundation is worked for its positioning.
  • In the electrical part, power and control boards are positioned, most of them communicated with a tray at floor level.
  • At the end of the installation, support was provided on the testing part, both in the rotations and on the mechanical end.